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Still life photography has been my passion for many years. After achieving my BA in photography and digital imaging, I have spent my time since building my portfolio and developing my style.  Now specialising in still life, flower and nature shots, I like to create images that show the natural form, complexity and beauty in all areas of plant life.

In 2012 my Glowing Tulip was short listed for the finals in the AOP Assistant awards.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work as an assistant for many leading photographers including Carol Sharp, Vera Kodajova, Nadav Kander & more recently Will Thom, Philip Riches & Gary Smith.  Working with such a wide variety of photographers, on a extensive range of subjects, on location or in a studio, has brought me a wealth of experience and an insight to many different techniques and set ups and helped me develop my own style.

If you would like to enquire about a commission  my availability as a photographers assistant or any of my images here, then please use the contact page.


About Emma Townsend
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